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About Us


Since our inception in 1908, our company has been committed to maintaining the highest level of excellence in our products and services for valued customers.  We supply multi-purpose screws for every application, from decking, cabinetry, vinyl window & doors, sheet metal, framing and wood applications, not to mention many more.

Today, Robertson Inc. is the leading manufacturer and global supplier of high quality screws and specialty fasteners. Our research and development experts continue to design innovative and quality product to outperform in any condition. 


Mission & Vision Statement


Robertson Inc. has set out the fundamental values that define the character of our company shape the culture.  It’s our core values that reflect what is truly important to Robertson Inc. as a company.



Our Competitive Advantage


Beyond the design dominance of the Robertson® Fastening System, there are a number of factors that set Robertson Inc. apart in the fastener industry.

Our approach to raw materials starts with our key supplier partners.  We start with a cold heading quality wire supplied to our specifications.  After inspection for strength and chemistry this wire is transformed into fasteners in our manufacturing facility. 

Other fastener companies are building what they call a ‘square recess product’.  Here at Robertson Inc. we construct the complete Robertson® Fastener System that PL Robertson invented over 100 years ago – The Original Robertson® Drive. 

Building toward the Future


As one of the industry's leading fastener manufactures, we’re proud of our accomplishments to date.  In a global economy where competition is tough – and getting tougher – we’re acutely aware that leadership carries very real responsibilities.  Among them, the continuing research and development of new and better innovative products, and an unyielding commitment to quality and complete customer satisfaction.