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We Manufacture Robertson® Drive - Not just Square Drive



We manufacture the following products to local and international fastener markets:

- Robertson® Fasteners in various head, thread and driver forms
- Robertson® Driver Bits and Screwdrivers




Lo-Root® Lo-Root® MAXX Framelok® Euro
Kwixin® Wood Type 'A' SMS Candril® Camtap®
Machine Screws Drillcrete®
Screwdrivers & Bits
Deck Screws


Customized Parts



We will supply made to order (MTO) non-listed parts in most materials and in a length for your preference. Minimum quantities apply.


Research and Development




At Robertson Inc. we believe that an aggressive program of research and development is vital to maintaining a leadership position in our industry. Our Engineering group is committed to exploring more efficient product designs, more effective materials and new applications for our fastening systems. This group is responsible for many patents for various thread styles and recess driving systems to meet a wide variety of wood, metal and plastic applications.


Our Commitment to Quality



Quality is the very foundation of our company success. Our company wide Quality Assurance Program embraces every facet of our operations. Its message is vital and simple.


“The objective is to designate our commitment to obtaining the highest level of excellence to our products and services for our valued customers.

Our goal is to manufacture a defect free product and no effort will be spared in our determination to accomplish this goal.


To this end, our entire staff will be totally committed to gain the satisfaction of our customers and our place as a world class competitor in our field of endeavor”.


When it comes to assuming constant product quality, our most valued resource is the solid dedication and time honoured skills of the 150 employees who make up our Global workforce.